XDS (X-ray Detector Software) is a data processing software used for X-ray crystallography, performing indexing, integration, and scaling of X-ray diffraction data to generate datasets for crystal structure analysis. It is compatible with various types of X-ray detectors and experimental setups, capable of processing data with high accuracy. Many of its processing steps are automated, and it is widely used in crystal structure analysis across numerous scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, and material science. Developed and supported by the scientific community, XDS provides forums for information sharing and problem-solving among users. With its high flexibility and precision, XDS is a widely trusted software in the field of X-ray crystallography.


Official site https://wiki.uni-konstanz.de/xds/index.php/Main_Page
Openness ★★★
Download https://xds.mr.mpg.de/html_doc/XDS.html
Core Developers

Wolfgang Kabsch


Linux, MacOS, Windows